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The Public Association «Discussion and Analytical Society Liberal Club» is a registered non-governmental nonprofit organization for research and educational projects.

The Liberal Club does not represent or promote standpoints and positions of governmental institutions, political parties, public associations or any concrete individuals.

The work of the Liberal Club is based on the values of the open society: individual and collective liberties, democracy, market economy, rule of law, free competition of ideas and initiatives.

The Liberal Club is also an open discussion forum for representatives of differing standpoints on a broad range of issues of societal importance.

The Liberal Club cooperates with other NGOs, foundations, scientific and research institutions and the mass media. The basis for cooperation is shared aspiration to promote the ideas of liberty and also improve the competitiveness of the Belarusian economy, citizens’ welfare, national security, the level of mutual trust in society, respect and agreement between the authorities and the population.

The Liberal Club advocates a civilized dialogue between all the layers of Belarusian society.

The target audience of the Liberal Club are students, teachers and lecturers, journalists, NGOs and political parties, representatives of central and local government institutions.

Our Goals

The main goals of the Liberal Club are:

- to promote the ideas and values of liberty;

- to study and disseminate the liberal paradigm of sustainable societal development in the context of the Belarusian socio-political, economic and cultural realities;

- to anchor the tradition of civilized debating;

- to establish a constructive dialogue and effective communication channels between the state institutions, expert community, business associations, political parties and NGOs;

- to eradicate all forms of radicalism in society;

- to provide a platform for the intellectual development and self-fulfillment of the members.

What We Do

- research in the field of public policy;

- articles, research and briefing papers and analytical reports;

- audio and video podcasts;

- panel and round-table discussions, briefings, policy debates;

- lectures and seminars;

- international conferences;

- media commentaries.

Our Thematic Priories:

- classical liberalism and ideas of liberty;

- theory and practice of market reforms and systemic transformations;

- public administration reform;

- Belarusian home and foreign politics;

- Belarusian economy;

- youth policy;

- cultural policy;

- education policy.

Our Team

Yauheni Preiherman – Policy Director (yauheni.belarus@gmail.com)

Mikita Bialiayeu – Administrative Director (mikita.beliaev@gmail.com)

Anton Boltochko – Economics Expert (antonboltochko@gmail.com)

Vadim Mojeiko – Culture Expert (vadimmojeiko@gmail.com)

Vasily Korf – Sociology Expert (korfvasily@gmail.com)

Alena Avitsiuk – PR-manager (alena.avitsiuk@gmail.com)

Tatsiana Kazlova – Financial Manager  (yada.mara@gmail.com)

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